The purpose of the reference group is:

  • To establish a Danish forum with actors and stakeholders who can help to qualify and inspire the TELEKAT project, including the project process, project content, research and innovation process, etc.
  • To create knowledge-sharing and dialogue regarding telehomecare and COPD patients.
  • To inspire the development and testing of new methods of user-driven innovation and chronically ill patients.


Danish Medico-technical Association

Chairman Kim Dremstrup Nielsen

Danish Society for Medical Informatics

Consultant Dorthe Skou Lassen

Danish Association for Clinical Telemedicine

Chairman Klaus Phanareth

MedCom. The Danish Health Data Network

Consultant Jane Clemmensen

Danish Lung Association

Director Charlotte Fuglsang

Chronic treatment unit, North Jutland County

Coordinator Alice Morsbøl

Chronic treatment unit, North Jutland County

Consultant Karin Bang Andersen

Biomed Community, Aalborg Municipality

Business consultant Finn Allan Larsen

Center for Industrial Production, Aalborg University

Professor Harry Boer

EU project Svendborg "Better Breathing"

Head Physician Dr. Michael Nord Hansen